Return your loved one to the place of their birth or bring their body home from overseas.

Elliotts 14 Cameron Interior Exterior (18 Of 51)
Elliotts 14 Cameron Interior Exterior (18 Of 51)

Repatriating your loved one’s body

We repatriate people’s bodies nationally and internationally.

Our repatriation service includes:

  • Taking your loved one into our care.
  • Preparing their body for travel. Airlines require bodies to be embalmed for repatriation.
  • Obtaining the correct casket for repatriation and sealing it for air transportation.
  • Preparing legal documentation.
  • Air transportation.
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Repatriation for yourself

If you wish to be buried where you were born, we recommend discussing your wishes with your family so they’re able to repatriate your body after your death.

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